Noni Capsules


Noni Capsules

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Noni is Hawaii's amazing health fruit. Well known throughout the Hawaiian and Polynesian islands, noni is a small evergreen tree that produces a yellow/white fruit resembling a bumpy lemon all year long. 

Noni capsules have the same benefits as our 100% pure noni juice and also contain the seed and fiber of the fruit. They are excellent for keeping regular eliminations and have additional anti-fungal action. Noni capsules are currently being used in an anti-tumor research project at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. 

The capsules are lightweight and packed in plastic bottles making them an excellent choice for traveling. One capsule is equal to about 3/4 tablespoon of juice. You will feel the health benefits of our USDA and HOFA certified organic enzyme and micro-nutrient rich noni capsules. Noni is Hawaii's number one herbal healing fruit. It's importance and extended use among Hawaiian healers supports the fact that noni contains valuable compounds that promote healthy living and well being. 

Each capsule contains 450mg 100% purenoni fruit, (Morinda Citrifolia) air dried (10:1) powder extract. Produced from certified organic or Wildcrafted Grade A ripe noni fruit. No sugar, starch, or fillers added.
Packed in vegetarian cullulose capsules 

Suggested Use
As a dietary supplement take two noni capsules one or two times per day

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